Leeds Directory Downloads

The following documents are available to download:

Green Tick Directory by Postcode
The Green Tick Directory is a printable guide, containing information on popular Domestic, Personal Care and Trade services.
Click on the map area using the postcode you require. A new blank window will appear which you can minimise and return to the site to continue browsing. The dynamic Green Tick Directory will take around 40 seconds to be created and include up-to-date information for 17 service areas. If you would like something more personal, create a My Directory.

Star Rating Form
Please feel free to download the form and hand them out to your customers however please ensure that you respect the anonymity of our review process and allow your customer to complete the form in their own time and return the form to us by post independently.

Easy Read Star Ratings Form
An easy read version of the above star ratings form.

Micro Tender Noticeboard Guide – Green Tick Providers
A guide for registered providers on how to use the Micro Tender Noticeboard.

Micro Tender Noticeboard Guide – Social Workers
A guide for registered social workers on how to use the Micro Tender Noticeboard.



Other documents you may be interested in:

Guide to Buying Services and Support
This guide offers some simple advice to help you get value for money and avoid buying poor-quality products or services.

Social Impacts Report Apr14- Mar15
A report summarising the Leeds Directory service for the past year.

The Leeds Directory E-Newsletters
Here you will find all our past e-newsletters in one place.