Star Ratings and Reviews

Star Ratings and Reviews let you see what other customers thought of the service they have received.

How can I submit a review?

First, search for the organisation you would like to review by using our Search Page. Click on the provider name to view more details. You can then complete the review form at the bottom of their listing.

Alternatively, download a copy of the form and post it to us, see our Downloads Section.

What do the stars mean?

When you review a service you can give a score of 1 star (poor) to 5 stars (excellent).

We ask people how they would rate a service’s:
Reliability – did they do what they said they would?
Affordability – did you get good value for money?
Flexibility – were they willing to work around you and your needs?
Accessibility – how easy was it to contact the organisation/service?
Quality – how satisfied are you with the quality of the service?
We then add these scores up and divide by 5 – this gives us an average star rating.

Where can I see reviews?

If you click on a provider name to view their details you will be able to see all of the reviews they have received at the bottom of their listing.

Are the reviews genuine?

We make every effort to ensure reviews submitted to the Leeds Directory are genuine. You may receive a phone call from us to confirm the scores you have given. Any review found to be false or misleading will be investigated and may result in a provider being removed from the Leeds Directory.

Who can review a service?

Reviews should only be submitted by people who have used the service.

We will not accept ratings from a Providers’ friends or family or any individual/organisation with a vested interest in the organisation or members of staff within the organisation being rated. We make calls to clients to verify the feedback we receive. Any provider found to be abusing this system will be removed from Leeds Directory.

Please Note: All comments and ratings are the views of people who have used a service and do not represent the views of Care & Repair Leeds or Leeds City Council.