Advertisement Opportunities

We are pleased to be able to offer the following ways to further promote your service with Leeds Directory:

Newsletter Advert

Each month, we send a newsletter by email to our established distribution list covering local and regional organisations, clients, social workers and other front line staff. You can sign up to receive our monthly newsletter by clicking here.
Cost: £35 +VAT per month
Format: 150 word article + small image (photo/logo) OR advert supplied in image format (JPEG)
Deadline: 25th of the month before (e.g. to advertise in the August newsletter, the deadline is 25th July)

Green Tick Directory Advert

Every six months, we produce a printable booklet containing our most requested services. This is distributed via our newsletter and is available for download 24/7 from our website. You can view the current Green Tick Directory by clicking here.

Cost: 1/4 page = £60+VAT, 1/2 page = £90+VAT, full page = £120+VAT
Format: advert must be supplied in an image format (JPEG)
Deadline: the next Green Tick Directory will be released July 2015. Adverts must be placed by 22nd June.

In order to reserve your advertising space, please contact us:
Telephone: 0113 391 8333